Industrial Gas Service

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Award winning Gas Fitter Phillip Best was granted a I (A) Industrial Gas Licence in 2013 and is testimony to the 33 year of gas fitting experience with much dedication to theoretical and practical endeavour.

  • I(A) Industrial Gas Installing, Commissioning & Servicing up to 10 G/J

  • I(B) Industrial Piping Services Unrestricted.

  • G – General Gasfitting


Recent works completed are: Xanadu Winery (Rathbone Wine Group) Installation of Commercial LPG Gas Heating

  • Supply and install fully electronic modulating internal LPG water heater, 1 x Edson 1000L SS duplex heat grade storage tank & 1 x Grundfos CRI20-1 65mm SS flanged circulating pump leveled and bolted to floor complete with lower and upper S/S temperature gauge’s and storage tank, gas unit relief drain’s run to exterior.

  • Run Insulated flow and return mains from tank to gas unit in 80mm copper as indicated on drawings.

  • Install S/S flanged wafer isolation valves to all tank inlet’s and outlets.

  • Run hot flow and return outlet’s in 80mm copper and adapt back to 65mm wafer valves at Edwards disconnection point.

  • Install separate 50mm cold inlet to storage tank with S/S isolation and non return valves including dual 20mm cold relief valves.

  • Supply and install 3Phase power supply from existing plant room switch board with isolation, overload protection, time delay pump run cool down functions located on gas heater.

  • Connect heater gas supply to existing 40mm 70kpa LP gas main.

  • Submit Energy safety type B gas submission to Energy Safety; apply for Gas supplier commissioning gas, commission appliance with Energy Safety gas inspector.


Laminex Group Repairs & Pressure Testing of Press Heater 100mm Gas Supply.

Innovative and cost effective solution to Laminex problem as there were time restraints on this project. Gas Upgrades. Replace approximately 224m of 100 PVC with 110mm SDR17 PE100 Poly Gas Mains staged to coincide with planned site shut downs to minimize production loss.


Safety Management Systems

•    Customised Safety Management System
•    Adherence to current Worksafe Policies and Practices

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